Monday, February 21, 2011

Bacterial Vaginosis Info

Bacterial vaginosis can affect all types of women - regardless of your sexual activity, age, or sexual preference, you are always at risk for this condition so it is important that you take the proper steps to either cure or prevent it.
First, let us discuss what bacterial vaginosis is. This ailment directly affects the vagina and can cause vaginal discharge as a result of proliferated bacteria. Recently, the name was changed from Gardnerella vaginitis to the present bacterial vaginosis, due to the fact that a number of different bacteria are responsible for this condition. Although BV is not dangerous, it can cause a number of symptoms that many women find embarrassing and upsetting such as a fishy odor and odd colored discharge.
The cause of BV is not fully known or understood, although it seems that a combination of high quantity multiple bacteria must be present in order for BV to occur. Due to the broad spectrum of bacteria (especially anaerobic - meaning grows without the need of oxygen), it is often difficult to diagnose and your doctor may ask a series of questions in order to ascertain that BV is the culprit.
Generally, antibiotics are given as a way to decrease the amount of bacteria in your vaginal cavity. Unfortunately, antibiotics also are responsible for the depletion of good bacteria that helps to keep that region balanced and less irritated. natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are extremely effective without compromising your health using antibiotics or other topical treatments.
Many women have struggled with this condition and are often too embarrassed to see a doctor due to the fishy smell and odd colored discharge. This, however, does not have to be an issue as natural cures for bacterial vaginosis is readily available that deliver long-lasting and permanent results. More often than not, this includes going to your kitchen and using some everyday ingredients to experience instant relief!
Forget searching for hours for an over-the-counter product or spending unnecessary money on alleged cures that fail to deliver. It is a known fact that many of these treatments are ineffective or have a short-lived relief cycle. Many women who suffer from BV actually have recurring episodes that eventually become resistant to certain antibiotics and other topical medications.
Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are the most helpful and long-lasting treatment plans that will not disrupt the natural order of things. A wide variety of women from all different age groups, backgrounds and sexual identities have found relief through natural means. Many are chronic sufferers who felt they had no choice but to enslave their bodies with medical treatment after treatment.

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