Monday, February 21, 2011

Cellulite gel or cream?

Cellulite is a dreaded condition experienced by a majority of women around the world. It is caused by the abnormal buildup of tissue under the skin. Although cellulite does not look undesirable at first, the accumulation of fat deposits that force their way through the connective tissues result to the uneven appearance on the skin. Topical solutions like a cream or a cellulite gel alone are not surefire ways to improve appearance in these cellulite-laden areas. Only when they are used while practicing a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen will they truly be effective.
Active Ingredients in Cellulite Gel or Cream The gel or cream can be made from a variety of different chemicals or substances, however, most are blended with the following main ingredients: caffeine, herbal extracts, marine extracts, collagen, vitamin c, and anti-oxidants such as retinol. Caffeine helps in tightening blood vessels while collagen, herbal extracts, or marine extracts make the skin look plump showing a smooth complexion. A number of gels are also made up of alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids help improve the texture of the skin.
Cellulite Cream or Cellulite Gel? What's the Difference? The cellulite cream typically has a richer texture and is more emollient. The cellulite gel on the other hand dries up faster because they are liquid-based and are free from oil. At present, no research or study has proven that cellulite gel performs better than the cream or vice versa. You should choose by your own personal preference or based on what your friends recommend.
Maximizing Results Because cellulite involves fats, the effective elimination of cellulite should include fat loss techniques such as following a healthy diet and practicing regular exercises. The use of the cellulite gel does not eliminate fat at all. Rather, it helps improve the appearance of areas of your body that are laden with cellulite such as the thighs or the arms. To correct this, you have to work on the root of the problem, which is the buildup of fats on those areas. Improve your diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty and greasy foods, carbonated drinks, and liquor. You should also practice following a strict exercise regimen, specifically one that has a huge focus on cardio.
How Much Should You Pay For a Cellulite Gel or Cream? The price of a cellulite gel or cream can range from being affordable to inexpensive and impractical. A 7 ounce sample of a cellulite gel or cream can fetch from $15 to a hefty $200. Like all other goods, the expensive ones do not necessarily reflect its effectiveness. You should know their ingredients and compare them with each other.
A Word of Advice Cellulite gel or cellulite cream does not eliminate cellulite. Its purpose is only to improve the appearance of the skin. Even then, its effects may only be temporary. You should know this by heart and avoid believing hyped up cellulite products that promise false results. The only way to truly eliminate cellulite is to eliminate fat, which is only done through diet and exercise.
Do not be tricked into thinking that cellulite gel really does eliminate cellulite from your body. Effective fat loss is key to improving your figure. If losing weight still a burden to you, visit fatloss tips to watch a free video and receive resources that will help you with your goal of losing weight fast and safely.

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